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As a host church there are a few supplies you are expected to provide for the services Richard will present to your members.  Find this listed below.

Supply Check List

Qty. Item Description
4 1 x 6 pieces of wood that are 6 feet in length (per presentation)
2 Top Sheets Queen or King size in black or navy (thread count of 170 – 250 only)

Also needed for all presentations:

Qty. Item Description
1 Mic Lapel Mic is preferred
1 Table For presentation/art supplies used onstage
1 Table For product sales – not used onstage
1 CD Player

We recommend Wal-Mart’s cheap individual bedding pieces (DO NOT BUY A SET — TOP SHEET ONLY), or on the web at Do not purchase whole sets or very high thread counts. Both are a waste of money. We recommend the thread count be in a range of 170 to 250. Anything higher than 250 is too satiny and will not hold the chalk. We usually get Wal-Mart sheets for about $11 – $14/ each.

Qty. Item
100lbs. Clay – Gray, Self Hardening Clay (See details below for where to find it)
1 17 inch square piece of plywood that is ¾ inch thick (spray painted black)
1 ½” x 16″ Pipe to screw into flange
1 ½” Galvanized Floor Flange (Plumbing)
1 ½” piece of Pipe that is 4 inches in length
1 ½” Elbow Pipe (45 degree angle)
1 ½” pipe, 3″ in length
5 ½” wood screws (#10 head)
1 Small Box of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
3-4 Large Trash Bags
1 Table

***Clay can be purchased at art stores, ceramic stores and pottery stores. Often stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s will have it or can get it if it isn’t stocked. If you cannot locate the clay, I recommend visiting the web and looking up or by calling Utrecht at 800-223-9132. In the event you are unable to find the items needed, please contact our office for further instructions.

ALSO: Clay may not come in a 100 pound block. It may come in 25 pound sections or even 10 pound sections. As long as Richard has the requested amount he will cut and place the clay during set up which takes about 2 hours.

Visit our media kit here.